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Boxer Dog Training

Training dogs is a hard task, and sometimes it can be really frustrating. However, a lot of training manuals go wrong when they focus on training “all dog breeds”. Boxer Dog Training is a brand new program from Gina Read and focuses entirely on training boxer dogs. The best thing about this program is that it is realistic in that it doesn’t assume that training all dogs is the same.

If you own a boxer dog, then you are probably aware that they are quite boisterous and can be a bit of a handful. Training boxer dogs is definitely something you will need to master if you want a well-behaved pooch. Taking the time to study this can mean your dog becomes out of control before you realize what’s happened.

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The Boxer Dog Training program is exactly what you need to ensure that you learn how to train your boxer dog before he or she starts to pick up bad habits. The course is provided in eBook format and covers a variety of subjects including what to look for when choosing a boxer puppy, the development stages of a boxer puppy, how to integrate a new boxer puppy successfully, nutrition and diet for boxer dogs, grooming, crate training, and house training as well as the obvious; boxer dog training.

Jam-packed with information, the eBook is great value for money at just $27. It’s a real bargain. If you order today, you’ll also get a range of bonuses, including The Puppy Files eBook, Leader of the Pack video course, 130 Recipes to treat your Dog, and Dog Training Tips audio eBook. The bonuses alone are worth more than the price tag of the entire package – you really will struggle to find a better deal for this kind of information and advice.

If you’ve been looking for a training system for your new boxer puppy, then the Boxer Dog Training program is ideal for you. Covering everything from beginning to end in an easy to understand the step-by-step format you will find it easy to pick up and you will probably find that you will be well on your way to a perfectly trained boxer dog within a few days!

Take the opportunity to get your copy today and remember that if you order today, you will get your hands on the amazing four bonuses – it’s a real no brainer.

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Noted for affectionate loyalty to their masters and their household, typical Boxers respond most readily to positive reinforcement techniques, such as clicker training. Inappropriate obedience training methods can often produce a stubborn and unwilling learner. This book, a title in Barron’s Training Your Dog series, presents breed-specific advice to dog owners. The emphasis is on dog-friendly methods for teaching skills and preventing or correcting bad habits. Virtually every aspect of canine

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Price: $ 5.93

All About Boxers – Complete Boxer Dog Ebook, Audio And Video Package
All About Boxer Dogs – A Complete Guide To Caring For, Maintaining And Training Your Boxer Dog Or Puppy (puppies) Which Both Current And Prospective Boxer Owners Will Love!
All About Boxers – Complete Boxer Dog Ebook, Audio And Video Package

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