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Dog Breeders Bible

Dog breeding is a complex topic but the Dog Breeders Bible makes it an easy to digest subject and covers every topic in dog breeding, leaving you feeling like a master of the art. The Dog Breeders Bible claims to contain the best-kept secrets to breeding world-class dogs and we have to agree that it certainly does that – and what’s more, is that it’s affordable at just $47.

Brought to you by Bobby Herald, the Dog Breeders Bible is all about making sure that you are doing everything right when it comes to breeding these beautiful animals. Covering a variety of topics, the Dog Breeders Bible goes into extraordinary detail about how and what to feed your dogs, how to care for them and most importantly exactly the steps you need to take to breed successfully.

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With over 20 years of experience, Bobby is a world-renowned dog breeder and has bred world-class dogs recently and in the past. He has bred up to 30 different breeds over 20 years so it’s fairly obvious that he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to dog breeding.

If you’ve ever thought about dog breeding then you need this book. The Dog Breeders Bible is a comprehensive and complete eBook with everything you could ever need to know about dog breeding. If you’ve thought about dog breeding in the past but haven’t really known how to go about it then this eBook is for you, if you’ve already started dog breeding but have some questions then this eBook is for you – it’s ideal for a variety of people.

The Dog Breeders Bible is a compilation of all of Bobby Herald’s experience over 20 years and is invaluable in that respect. You are unlikely to be able to find information like this anywhere else – online or otherwise and at $47 it’s probably the most affordable dog breeding guide available.

If you’re thinking about becoming a dog breeder and have always wanted to make sure that you do it right then the Dog Breeders Bible is definitely the best investment you can make in your new business. Containing everything from start to finish, the Dog Breeders Bible is the number one breeding handbook available and you would be a fool to pass up the offer of all this information (gained over 20 years) and value for such a low price!

Dog Breeders Bible
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Dog Breeders Bible

The Dog Breed Bible: Descriptions and Photos of Every Breed Recognized by the AKC

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This heavily illustrated directory describes every canine breed recognized by the AKC. It includes recently recognized breeds, such as the Norwegian Buhund, the Pyrenean Shepherd, and the Swedish Vallhund. A succinct description of each dog cites its origins, its physical and temperamental traits, its average life span, all major health concerns, and its special needs, such as training, grooming, exercise, and adaptability to specific environments. A color photo shows an example of each breed i

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