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Toshiba led tv review – Toshiba 23L2300U 23″ LED TV

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Toshiba is well known for its durable and long lasting products, and has now come up with a new line of LED TVs for mainstream buyers. The L2300 series has been warmly welcomed by consumers at the CES 2013 and comes in 23- to 50-inch sizes. The smallest model, the 23L2300, features a 23-inch LED display has a sleek design and catchy look. Its color scheme is almost identical to its high-end models and features glossy black bezels and a wider metal strip at the bottom of its panel with a solid metal stand that enhances the overall look and feel of the TV.

This 23-inch flat panel TV is based on LED-LCD technology and delivers high quality picture with LED backlight. It offers HD resolution with a ClearScan refresh rate and DynaLight technology automatically adjusts the intensity of light output. This TV incorporates some high-end features including a Dynamic picture mode that lets users adjust brightness & contrast ratios, while its gaming mode uses special settings to reduce controller delay and is an ideal choice to use as a monitor screen.

This TV includes Audyssey audio technology for crystal clear and well balanced sound. Its backside incorporates a full jack pack of analog and digital ports including USB 2.0 input and digital audio output. Its 23-inch display panel easily adjusts anywhere and can be used for kitchen and camping purposes. It is wall mountable and complies with energy star guidelines set by the EPA.

How Much?

The average price of the Toshiba 23L2300U 23″ LED TV has not yet been released, however we will update this page as soon as it becomes available.

Who Would Buy This Toshiba 23L2300U 23″ LED TV?

This 23-inch TV can be used indoor as well as doubling as a portable TV for picnics and other outdoor activities. It is a great option to wall mount in any kitchen or to buy as a separate TV for an apartment or smaller living space.

Things we like about the Toshiba 23L2300U 23″ LED TV

The 23L2300U offers HD resolution and a ClearScan refresh rate. It incorporates many high-end features including Dynamic picture mode, gaming mode, auto-light sensors, digital inputs and a sleek frame design.

Things we did not like about the Toshiba 23L2300U 23″ LED TV

This small size LED has all of the features that a modern LED TV should have, however its backlit has uniformity issues, which are not glaringly obvious.


The 23-inch class LED TV will come with a standard one-year manufacturer warranty.

Is The Toshiba 23L2300U 23″ LED TV Worth The Money?

While the price hasn’t yet been released, Toshiba’s products are always priced at a value, making them worth their price tags every time.

Where Can I Buy The Toshiba 23L2300U 23″ LED TV?

The company plans to release its L2300 series in March 2013 and this model will be carried by retail chain stores across the globe, including Best Buy, Target and Walmart.

More Customer Reviews For The Toshiba 23L2300U 23″ LED TV

The smallest model of the L2300 series was received well by consumers at the CES 2013 and it is expected to be a hot selling product that not only covers viewers’ basic TV needs yet offers added convenience in the form of increased portability.


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