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Home Schooling review

DescriptionHome schooling is the education of children at home, typically by parents but sometimes by tutors, rather than in other formal settings of public or private school. Parents cite numerous reasons as motivations to home school, including better academic test results, poor public school environment, religious reasons, improved character/morality development, the expense of private education, and objections to what is taught locally in public school. It may be a factor in the choice of parenting style. Homeschooling is also an alternative for families living in isolated rural locations or living temporarily abroad.

Every family is different and the exciting part about homeschooling is that you can design your own approach to learning by writing a tailor made program to fit your children’s needs, abilities and personalities. As a family, you can decide what is important, what educational goals to pursue and how to go about it. Imagine developing your own individual approach that reflects these goals, complements your lifestyle and is based on your own decisions, not someone else’s. Click here to view more details

Homes chooling Supply is proud to offer over 20,000 homeschool curriculum products, microscopes and science products, toys and home schooling resources for parents, teachers, schools, families.  You can shop for Alpha Omega and other homeschool curriculum with confidence knowing that all microscopes, home schooling materials and homeschool curriculum are backed with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Learning By Grace has partnered successfully with families for almost ten years, and reaches Christian homeschool families in all 50 states and 20 countries. Founded by veteran homeschooling parents of 8 children, they understand your needs and meet them, because they’ve been there.  Learning By Grace’s online homeschooling program enables you to fulfill the Lord’s mandates from the scriptures to teach our children about Him all day, every day.

Home Schooling