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Introduction -The Confidence Factor

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There are several different levels of confidence. An individual should display a certain level of confidence in different situations. This can be developed with a little practice and positive reinforcement.

Introduction -The Confidence Factor

Humans And Confidence

The following are some of the reasons why humans need the element of confidence if they are going to be able to function competitively:

•        Confidence is needed when the individual is faced with a problem that requires the individual to seek help form others. Most people who are confident in their own person and capabilities will see or feel no threat in seeking assistance from other sources. This level of confidence is displayed in the ability to seek and use other points of views or efforts for the betterment of all.

•        Confidence is also needed in the everyday workings of life. Those who are confident will find that they are able to get others to follow their lead without too much effort or objections. This is mainly because more people will be naturally drawn to the leadership qualities that the confidence displays.

•        Confidence also allows the individual to have a certain unshakeable amount of faith and strength in his or her decisions, thus enabling them to carry out duties and actions which are positive and beneficial. Without this sort of decisive decision making, a lot of things will not be able to be completed or it will encounter snags which no one wants. When it comes to problem solving and getting the tasks completed well, confident people are usually the prime candidates chosen. learn more at : confidence

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