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Having an Indoor Hot Tub Could Be Fun

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Having an Indoor Hot Tub Could Be Fun

If you have a nice area within your house to have an indoor hot tub it could be fun. One big benefit to having the hot tub in the house is the level of privacy that cannot be obtained outdoors. No neighbors looking at what you are doing for sure. However, having a hot tub inside your house takes some special considerations.

Ventilation is a must when putting in an indoor hot tub. The water in the tub gives off a lot of moisture; if it is allowed to build up there could be problems. The walls and windows can get some damp that mold and mildew becomes a problem. You might need some professional advice as to how to achieve enough ventilation to keep this from happening. Usually vents are used along with a fan to do this though. It will depend on the size of your hot tub as to how many vents are needed though.

The room being properly ventilated can keep the chlorine odor from being overpowering. If you have ever swam in an indoor pool you may know what I mean. Even there the place usually has a large ventilation fan running.

Anytime you have standing water you can have mold or mildew form. It is true that the water inside the tub gets protected through various chemicals, but you also drip water as you get out of the tub. You will have to remove this water with being inside because the heat of the sun will not be available to help evaporate it. So keep the floor dry in between uses.

If the room your “indoor hot tub” is in, is too cold people will be uncomfortable getting out of it. But if it is too warm this can promote bacteria growing on even the walls if the dampness builds up. So the temperature of the room goes hand in hand with the ventilation to help keep the mold and mildew under control.

Make sure your floor is a safe floor to traverse on wet. You don’t want to step down with wet feet and fall. So test the floor out as to how slick it is when it is wet before installing the hot tub inside. You can get special vinyl flooring to install on top of your concrete floor that even kills bacteria and is designed to be non-skid.

Keep in mind all these things when installing your hot tub inside your house. It will help you enjoy it without having any problems. Having a hot tub inside gives you a lot more privacy like we said. This will make it even more of a relaxing experience than it already is. When you have parties the neighbors will not be gawking at who you invited.

There is no need not to have your indoor hot tub at all. It just takes some common sense and planning is all. You can have a marvelous timer with it too.

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