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How to – Kitchen Floor Tile Designs

The floor of your kitchen is a really important component when it comes to preparing food. This seems odd and most people do not think much about the kitchen floor beyond the fact that it needs to handle being wet. But there is more to kitchen floor tile designs then simply making sure they can handle water.

The kitchen is one of the busiest areas in any home as everyone has to prepare food and get something to drink. Because of this the kitchen floor suffers a lot more than other floors in the house. From simple spills to having objects dropped on them, scrapes, scratches, stains. The kitchen floor has to hold up against all of those and more.

When trying to decide what kind of flooring you want to go with your kitchen, you should make sure to take the time and look into what exactly is available. There are two main types of kitchen floor tiles available.

Glazed tiles, which are smooth and easily cleaned with simple mopping. These smooth tiles look good in any kitchen and give it a modern feeling while being easy to maintain and clean.

Unglazed tiles, these tiles are better when it comes to slipping on wet surfaces but they are also more labor intensive when it comes to maintaining them and keeping them clean.

There are a wide variety of kitchen floor tile designs available on the market. Each type of tile has their own pros and cons and it depends on what you are looking for and the design of your kitchen.

1. Slate stone tiles are durable and stain resistant as well as being no-slip given their texture. These kind of tiles are good for very busy kitchens.

2. Saltillo tiles are for kitchens that have a more mediterranean look and need to be sealed. They have to be cleaned with a wet cloth and can not have chemicals used on them.

3. Granite kitchen tiles are highly durable but are also susceptible to stains and scratches, they also must be cleaned often, making maintaining them a bit of a hassle.

4. Porcelain tiles are essentially a more durable, albeit more expensive version of ceramic tiles.

5. Ceramic tiles are the most common kitchen tiles, they are simple to clean and maintain and are fairly durable when it comes to general wear and tear. They also have a wide assortment of colors they can come in.

When trying to figure out what kind of tiles and design you want for your kitchen, you have to remember that not only must the floor be durable and affordable, but it has to look good as well. Getting the right kind kitchen floor tile designs is imperative to give your kitchen flow and an aesthetically pleasing look.

Try to pick colors and patterns that match the walls and fixtures of your kitchen. As well try to pick a type of tile that would go well with the general theme of the room. It should all flow into one visually pleasing image after all.

Kitchen Floor Tile Designs