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VIZIO XVT701d Ultra HD Razor 3D LED Smart TV – Product Review

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VIZIO XVT701d Ultra HD Razor 3D LED Smart TV

The XVT701d is the largest model of VIZIO’s extreme XVT series that offers much more than a Full HDTV. For viewers looking for an ultimate TV with a sizable display and massive 4K resolution for an immersive 3D viewing experience, then the XVT701d is the best option to fulfill those viewing needs. It features a 70-inch display with an ultra slim bezel on the edges of the screen, which give it a sophisticated look while its base and neck incorporates a solid metal construction to deliver a solid look.

With sleek design and a stunning look, it delivers unmatched picture quality and is powered by top of the line hardware to process four times typical 1080p resolution. Its advanced 3D engine performs 2D to 3D rendering in no time at all and its 240Hz refresh rate ensures a smooth and flicker free theatre 3D experience. It comes with battery-free 3D glasses for the whole family that are specifically designed for XVT-series.

The XVT701d incorporates edge-lit backlighting and advanced local dimming to control brightness and contrast ratios in 16 separate zones of the TV panel. It supports a high-end 3D card with HDMI ports and boasts Wi-Fi connectivity to stream HD photos and to watch movies online with access to countless apps available online. Unlike traditional remote controllers, VIZIO has introduced a Wi-Fi enabled controller that eliminates line of sight limitation, providing users with universal access to operate the controller freely as they like.

How Much?

The average price of the VIZIO XVT701d will be announced as soon as it becomes available.

Who Would Buy This VIZIO XVT701d Ultra HD Razor 3D LED Smart TV?

The VIZIO XVT701d is a luxury product for high-income families that wish to replace their old HDTVs with VIZIO new UHD series. Due to its rather large screen size, suits homes with larger rooms as well as for gamers that want to experience a hi-res full screen experience during gameplay.

Things we like about the VIZIO XVT701d Ultra HD Razor 3D LED Smart TV

The VIZIO XVT701d features a 70-inch LED display with 3D theatre and 4K resolution. It offers a 240Hz refresh rate with adjustable black levels, an HDMI port and Wi-Fi connectivity. It comes with free 3D glasses and a Wi-Fi remote controller.

Things we did not like about the VIZIO XVT701d Ultra HD Razor 3D LED Smart TV

The VIZIO XVT701d is a UHD TV, however the company has not announced any compatible UHD playback device with 4K resolution like a Blu-ray player.


VIZIO has not yet launched its XVT-Series of 3D LED TVs, however expect them to come standard with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Is The VIZIO XVT701d Ultra HD Razor 3D LED Smart TV Worth The Money?

The VIZIO XVT701d price is not yet available, however due to its massive 70-inch UHD display with 3D, it is expected to be a high price luxury product that will likely be worth it to families or individuals with a large enough budget to afford it.

Where Can I Buy The VIZIO XVT701d Ultra HD Razor 3D LED Smart TV?

The VIZIO XVT701d availability is expected by the second half of this year according to a company source and it will be readily available at all major electronics stores and online retailers worldwide.

More Customer Reviews For The VIZIO XVT701d Ultra HD Razor 3D LED Smart TV       

The VIZIO XVT701d has received positive feedback from its fans all over the world and a majority of the public is waiting for the release of the XVT series to buy an ultimate 3D UHD TV for their homes.

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