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VIZIO M321i M-Series Razor LED Smart TV

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The VIZIO M-Series Razor is part of a new product line of super LED Smart TVs that offer an exceptional TV viewing experience with crisp image quality. The M321i is the smallest TV of the M-series with an extra bright LED display and slim design. The M321i TV is a flat panel LED HDTV with ultra thin bezel along side of the screen and a unique metal finish gives it a professional and modern look.

The M321i offer a refresh rate of 120Hz and supports local dimming to adjust black levels according to a room’s lighting requirement. It offers a full high definition 1920×1080 display to view Blu-ray movies and incorporates some advanced feature to compete with modern HDTVs. It supports a variety of apps, which make this LED TV an entertainment box.

VIZIO is one of the leading companies in terms of introducing high end HDTCs and has now included a Wi-Fi remote controller with universal connectivity and backlighting to offer an enhanced viewing experience. It supports Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and many other TV apps available in the market at a reasonable price with a promise of quality.

How Much?

The average price of the VIZIO M321i model is $399.99.

Who Would Buy This VIZIO M321i M-Series Razor LED Smart TV?

The M321i is the smallest model of the M-series and would be ideal for consumers looking for a TV to fit in smaller rooms. Its compact design and solid metal stand make it easy to fit in any corner of the house.

Things we like about the VIZIO M321i M-Series Razor LED Smart TV

This model is like a work of art and few 32-inch models are available offering such a sleek flat panel LED. It includes an HDMI port for HD video input and is capable of displaying Full HD 1080p media content. Wi-Fi connectivity ensures access to the online world and the wireless remote is a nice benefit.

Things we did not like about the VIZIO M321i M-Series Razor LED Smart TV

The M321i does not have 3D and lacks a higher refresh rate of 240Hz unlike some larger screen models of the M-series.


VIZIO has not launched its M-Series Razor LED Smart TV series yet each model is expected to come with a one-year standard manufacturer warranty.

Is The VIZIO M321i M-Series Razor LED Smart TV Worth The Money?

With a highly competitive price tag of $399.99, it’s hard to expect so many features and such an elegant design as the M321i is offering and no doubt it is the only HDTV on the market that is under $400 and comes with so many exciting features.

 Where Can I Buy The VIZIO M321i M-Series Razor LED Smart TV?

The M321i 32-inch LED TV will be available in major retail stores such as Walmart and Best Buy.

More Customer Reviews For The VIZIO M321i M-Series Razor LED Smart TV

The VIZIO M321i of the M-Series has received positive feedback from consumers and many are awaiting the release of the M321i HDTV as it will make a great addition to any den or smaller viewing area.


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