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The Inflatable Hot Tub Only Takes a Small Investment

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How to find – The Inflatable Hot Tub Only Takes a Small Investment

If you only have a small amount of money to splurge with, then look for an inflatable hot tub. Oh you did not know there was such a thing? Well there is and many places sell it. Let’s look at the some of the advantages and disadvantages to having one.


The inflatable hot tub gives you the following advantages:

* This type of tub gives you much of the same experience as the more expensive tubs and cost much less. You can spend less than $600 for an inflatable one, compare this to $4000 and more for the fiberglass ones.

* If you are renting this can be an easy way to have fun without installing a more permanent option. This is not always possible if you do not own the property.

* If you are planning on moving soon might be another reason to choose this route too. You just empty the water and let the air out and you are good to go onto the next place.

* The hot tub that is inflatable is usually smaller in size than other models. This means that it can go more places easier.

* The portable pumps today make it easier than ever to pump air into these tubs.

* It is round in shape too which the other models normally are square or rectangular.

* Since these hot tubs are smaller is size like we already mentioned they heat up quicker. This means you do not have to wait so long to have fun. Also they do not use as much water or chemicals.


On the downside there are some disadvantages to this inflatable hot tub:

* You cannot have as many people at one time in this type of hot tub. Most are for up to 4 people only. Of course, you can take turn at a party, but that is not as much fun as a lot of people in the tub at once.

* Just like with anything inflatable over time leaks can happen and patches will have to be applied. So you might want the more permanent fiberglass tub if you are concerned about the long haul.

* This type of hot tub also does not have the seats like the fiberglass ones do. You simply are sitting on the floor of them to use them.

Where to Buy

You can find the hot tubs that are inflatable on the Internet, discount stores and even pool and spa stores. They are easy to find to check the prices out on. If you can find them locally you might be able to see a sample of how they look. This will then help you compare prices online for the same model.

What Do You Think Now?

So what do you think now about an inflatable hot tub? Doesn’t it sound like the most economical choice for you? Remember that when you have more money you can upgrade to a fiberglass hot tub with no trouble.

The Inflatable Hot Tub Only Takes a Small Investment

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