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The Importance of An Accredited Home School

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The Importance of An Accredited Home School (And How to Get Yours Accredited)

Home schooling has become a path many parents have chosen for educating their children. While you know exactly what kind of an education your child is getting in your home, others can’t be sure. It may not seem of importance that they know, but it is.

An Accredited home school will help your child go further in life and keep things in check in and outside of your personal classroom.

The Makings of An Accredited Home School

There are three different settings or situations for a home school: the traditional parent as teacher home school, a small group of nonrelated students learning in a home environment by an individual who may or may not be a certified teacher, and students studying via the internet.

Depending on the state you live in, the setting of your home school has little to do with its ability to meet legal requirements as an accredited home school. However, it is vital to provide your students with a special space to study and learn.

Your accredited home school can make use of the same kind of curriculum that public schools utilize or another set of curriculum that has been approved by your state and meets its standards. Your child might attend a public school virtually or without the use of a computer, fulfilling all academic duties through a packet of curriculum being used by the school system. A benefit to this way of teaching is that you can ensure your child is getting the same exact education as other students in your area and will have the same -if not more- advantages. Many parents find that the curriculum used by the public schools is not poor; the problem is the learning environment. Some children do not learn well without one on one help, and obtaining that kind of help in an overcrowded classroom can be difficult.

If you want to teach your children with as little government interference as possible, but still want their education to be accredited, you can establish your home as an accredited home school in the following ways:

Having your home school accredited by one of the six regional accrediting agencies recognized by GAAP (Generally Accepted Accrediting Practices)
Apply to your regional accrediting agency, specifying your chosen curriculum, testing procedures and attendance records. Be prepared to pay the stipulation fees and have an agency representative make a visit to your home school.
Contacting the education department in your area to find out what kind of curriculum the public schools are using, as well as the legal guidelines regarding home school curriculum and then creating a curriculum that is matched to it (you may add additional curriculum as you see fit); using a certified teacher to create your curriculum is very beneficial.

What Accreditation Says About Education

Accreditation speaks volumes about the education your child has received or will be receiving. It says that the curriculum is outstandingly sufficient, that it meets state and national standards and the student – upon completion of the program or their educational career -will be an eligible recipient of an accredited home school diploma. This sounds like music to the ears of society, opening up its doors to your child and putting no limitations on either their continuing education or chosen career path.

The Importance of An Accredited Home School

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