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Supercharge Your Self-confidence

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Self-confidence is a very attractive and beneficial disposition to display. Being super self-confident is an even more attractive aura to own and this can be done with a little concerted effort on the part of the individual.

1384894_high_voltage_signUseful Pointers

The following are some tips on how to be super self-confident, as this is definitely the way to get people to accept the individual without reservations:

•   Perception is very important, as what the mind sees it accepts, and only after the initial acceptance does the mind question further. The body language of a confident individual is very evident in the way the individual presents himself or herself. Such people usually walk and speak in a manner that is unmistakably different and impressive. Therefore if the individual is serious about projecting this image, some practice and observations are called for. Practicing in front of a mirror is sometimes the best way to critically view the entire “package”.

•   People, who are super confident are able to hold eye contact comfortably. This eye contact is very important in engaging the other party’s complete and undivided attention. This is usually a common practice which comes very naturally to a super confident individual. Holding a gaze does not in any way make them uncomfortable, and this is clearly evident in their ability to garner eye contact whenever they engage others in conversation.

confidence confidence •        Personal affirmations are also another effective tool in getting the individual to accept and see themselves as confident and capable. Constantly chanting mantras that have a positiveconnotation and sound will help the unconscious mind pick up and firmly plant these in the individual’s mindset, thereby effectively conditioning the individual outlook of anything and everything. There is power in the mind and thought process, and super confident people understand the need to constantly reinforce the thought process with positive inputs. read more confidence

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