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Pros and Cons of Home Schools

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Before their child is even born there are parents who are already thinking about how they want to educate their children. Those parents look at all the available options, and they know exactly what they want to do.

Then there are the parents who aren’t as sure about education. They don’t know if they want to home school their kids or send them to public schools. They might even start out in public school because they aren’t sure about what to do.

But when parents find out that they don’t like public schools or have always planned to not send their kids to public schools what are their choices? More and more often that choice is home schooling.

Home schooling used to be thought of as part of an alternative lifestyle, primarily used by hippies on their communes or people who have pulled away from society. But it’s becoming more common and used by more people.

People feel that there are a lot of benefits to home schooling and that all the pros of home schooling outweigh the cons.


Kids get a tailored education. All kids have different strengths and weaknesses. Public schools aren’t able to tailor their education program directly to each student. Public schools have to gear themselves to the average student, and more frequently are teaching for tests.

Kids get a well-rounded education. Public schools are dropping programs like home economics or industrial arts. Home schooling means that kids can get that education while still getting the basic classes.

Kids get one on one attention. Because the class size is so different, one parent to how ever many kids they have, the parents are able to set one child on a task and help another with subjects that they are having a hard time with. One or 2, or even 5 or 6 kids is much easier to deal with and it’s easier to make sure that every kid gets the time they need.

Kids are above grade level. Kid who are home schooled are generally at least 1 grade level ahead through elementary school, and by the time they hit high school age are as much as 4 full grade levels ahead of their peers.

Kids are more independent. The kids are partners in their education. They can go forward as quickly as possible, or to spend more time on certain subjects.


There isn’t a built in physical education program. Part of the public school education is gym, and that doesn’t happen as a separate class in home schooling, although it is easy to add it in.

There isn’t as much socialization. At public schools kids are surrounded by other students and have a choice to make a lot of friends.

There aren’t as many extra-curricular programs. Public schools have plenty of clubs, as well as sports, band, choir and other activities that their students can take advantage of.

There are pros and cons to home schooling, but the pros definitely outweigh what negatives there are. These are just a few of the positives for home schooling. There are many more, mostly found on a family to family basis.

Pros and Cons of Home Schools

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