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Propane Lantern accessories create beauty and convenience

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Light and more light can be had with a propane lantern. There are a lot places that can use light from a propane source. More importantly, the new types of lanterns on the market offer the connoisseur of tank gas a wide array of products, and neat additional features that make them unique.

It might very well surprise you the different places that you can use a propane lantern. Until recently most people have thought that the only place to use this type of light is on a camping trip. Emergency situations are the other way that people think of for using a propane lantern. It’s true that these situations require the use of propane, but there are decorative uses too, for around the house.

If you love to sit out but hate the bugs, and the old electrical bug zapper sound, then check into the citronella propane lantern. They can be bought in either the permanent pole mounted style, or can be weighted with sand and portable too. Today you can find a few different colors to match your outside décor in colors of black, maroon or stainless steel. There are of course table top and small floor versions of a propane lantern with citronella.

Front access walkway light is a necessity for most homeowners. Dangerous accidents can happen, and this is especially true for the elderly, or even for children. Remember, you won’t have to stick with just a plain gas light anymore though. Beautiful light accessories come in a propane lantern style of colors in copper, black or rust free stainless steel can be bought with a huge molded flower pot at the base. Holes are predrilled into the bottom for drainage of your flowers too.

Hanging gas lights are ideal not only for your front porch, but along a brick wall or privacy fence. Consider placing a brick wall up one side of your drive, or build a privacy fence around the pool patio for extra lighting. The hooked poll at the top of a lantern adds a real dash of old world charm, and adds a unique dash of personality to the landscape. Other designs of large pole type styles allows you to choose not just one lantern, but up to 3 lanterns on a single pole.

If you’re a person of all hours because of work, or just have an extra busy schedule, then know that you can purchase a propane lantern with a mailbox attached at the base. There will be no more excuses of darkness for not trotting down to your mailbox. Besides, if you take along your propane fueled light that is used for camping, you’ll travel worry free. Inside your home you can mount a few mantle sconces for beauty around the fireplace.

Make sure to check out regularly all of the different products that hit the market. There is no telling what you’ll find that will beautify, and at the same time, make it easier to live stress free. A propane lantern, and its different design choices and amenities will make it a pleasure for you and everyone that views it driving by.

Propane Lantern accessories create beauty and convenience

Propane lantern, Let there be light

Propane lantern, Let there be light—DrStarbuck (

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