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Photography tips and techniques

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1- Try shooting black and white.

You should always do something different from time to time, so that you can come up with more interesting shots. One example of it is to shoot pictures in black and white. One of the things that you can observe with black and white shots is that, they are usually very interesting, even if you thought they would be boring.

2 -Try capturing the subject off center.

When you take pictures, you would probably put your subject at the middle of the frame. However, if you check out professionally taken photos, most of them are actually made more interesting, since their subjects are captured away from the center of the frame. Therefore, try to picture your subject off center, and see the big difference.

3-  Carry your camera with you.

If you don’t want to miss out on great photo opportunities, then make sure to carry your camera with you at all times. This means to bring it with you while riding the bus, strolling at the park, walking around the neighborhood, and such. If you do this, you would be amazed of the number of photos you have taken that are really breathtaking.

4- Find your theme.

There are times when you need to be inspired, in order to have that drive to take beautiful pictures. However, you can also boost your motivation by coming up with a theme that you like. Some of the themes that are quite popular today would include playing kids, different weather conditions, playing dogs, and many more.

Photography tips and techniques

5 -Consider what’s behind your subject.

In taking pictures of a subject, you should not forget considering what is behind him. Your backdrop should be something that would not distract the viewer of the photograph. Aside from that, it should also become part of the whole picture or image, which can help tell a story about the place or subject.

6-  Shoot the subject in their own environment.

There are times when your subject becomes uncomfortable in being at your studio; and, this can show in the pictures. Thus, it is best that you shoot the subject at his own place. For example, instead of letting your clients bring their child with them at your studio, visit them at their place. Let the child be at his playpen, and you would definitely capture lots of interesting images of him.

7-  Consider the height of your subject.

When you shoot pictures of subjects who are smaller than you are, then you should not take pictures of them at your usual standing point. You should get down on the ground, and capture moments at the same level as they are. This is applicable in taking pictures of small children. Aside from that, you should also take note of this, when taking pictures of small animals like dogs.

8- Using window light.

If you don’t have a studio at your own place yet, and you want to make use of natural light in taking pictures of your subject, don’t forget that your window can help you out with it. When light from outside passes through a glass window, it actually becomes diffused. Thus, you can simply have your subject position himself right next to it, so as to take advantage of the light.

9-  Try taking a picture of something smaller.

When you want to diversify, try to take pictures of something smaller. This could include the hands of a child, the feet of your spouse, and such. Keep in mind that there are lots of small things in this world that are beautiful, which are worth capturing. Just keep an open eye for them, so that you would be able to find them.


When you are trying to take family pictures, one of the things that can happen, which can ruin a good one would be lots of waving. This is true, especially when there are lots of members in the family. Thus, it is best to let them settle down first. Aside from that, you can also gently inform them to stop the waving just for a few moments, since their hands may cover other members’ faces.

11-  Considering how your photo is going to be used for.

To make your client more satisfied with your photograph, you should consider what the photos are going to be used for. This is because it would help you determine better on what sort of style you want to use. For example, if you re taking a picture of a couple to announce their wedding, then it is best to do it horizontally, since it can provide more space on the side for their names or for their message.

12- Don’t face the sun.

Letting your subject face the sun for a midday post is actually not a good idea, since it can create shadows on her face. For a midday shoot, it is best to let her face away from the sun, in which her face would be in the shade. To make sure that her face is exposed properly, over expose the picture to achieve that effect.

13- Use a prop.

Considering the comfort of your model would take you a long way as far as taking quality pictures is concerned. Thus, if you see that your model is getting a bit uncomfortable, what you can do is to give her a prop, such as a toy, a flower, or any kind of small object she can hold on to. Doing that would make her feel comfortable. Aside from that, the prop could even add more spice in the photo, although you don’t have to include it in the frame.

14-  Make it more interesting.

Interesting pictures would surely grab lots of people’s attention. One of the things that you can do to achieve that is to become more creative on how you position your subject. Examples would include having a woman looking through a window, placing a child inside the crib, and so on.

15- Try different lightings.

Trying both high key and low key lightings is a good idea. This is because there are some persons who would actually look better in the pictures when they are overexposed, while others are the complete opposites. Thus, it is best to explore further when it comes to lighting, so that you can achieve the kind of feel you want for your photos.

16- Research about your camera before making the purchase.

Before you purchase a digital camera for your newfound hobby, you should do your research about it first. Researching can be done through the internet, in which all you have to do is to visit the website of the manufacturers, in order to gather more details. Aside from that, you can also check out reviews, to learn about the experiences of people in using the camera in question.

17- Ask a professional photographer for feedback.

If you are a beginner, and you have a friend who knows a professional photographer, try to see if you can meet him. If you can, then take advantage of the moment, and ask him for feedback on your photos. By doing that, you would be able to make improvements on your skills, by listening to his advice. Aside from that, he could even become your mentor.

18-  Learn from others online.

Learning more about photography can actually be done online these days. There are lots of web portals that are launched for it. Aside from that, there are also online forums, which are usually visited by both beginners and professionals in the field. With that, it can provide you an opportunity to ask them questions about different things regarding photography.

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