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Money saving tips for moms

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1. Take care of your credit card debt.

One of the things that can add more to your monthly expenses is your credit card debt. This is because the higher your debt becomes, the more you need to pay in terms of its interest. In other words, you may end up paying for the interest each month, without even touching the principal amount you owe. Clear your credit card debt by applying for a low cost loan, so that you can breathe easier.

2. Cutting your home phone bills.

Landlines or home phone services usually cost more than their VOIP counterparts. Thus, you should consider switching to a VOIP phone service and just maintain your mobile phones. Aside from that, you should also check with your local phone service provider, if they can provide you with the most basic service to cut down on costs.

3. Go to the grocery store after eating and not before.

When you go to a store to shop for groceries, it is always best to do it after grabbing a snack, or eating lunch. This is because shopping in groceries when you are hungry can make you purchase food items, which you really do not need. In most cases, when you get home from shopping and eat lunch, you would realize later on that you have gone over your budget, for taking in too many food items.

4. Shopping for clothes.

In buying your own clothing, you may have a tendency to purchase those that are heavily advertised by celebrities. Designer label clothes are very expensive. Although they are good in terms of quality and design, you can actually find lots of products today, which are equally good but are more affordable. Thus, avoid such types of clothing, so that you can save some money.

5. Take advantage of online auction sites.

When you take a look around your own house, you may realize that you have lots of used things, which you are not using anymore. If these items are still in good condition, then you should sell them in online auctions sites. Earning more money is also a good way to saving more. Aside from that, while you are earning online, you can actually get rid of the clutter and have more space in your house.

6. Do It Yourself.

You should become a DIY person if you want to save more money. By becoming one, you no longer have to hire a carpenter in fixing something at your own place. Aside from that, you also won’t have to hire someone to clean your backyard, especially if you gain more knowledge in gardening. Becoming a DIY person will open lots of opportunities for you not just to save more money, but to earn more as well.

7. Travel insurance.

Prior to getting a travel insurance, you should decide to go on a trip first. Thus, if you have previously acquired an annual insurance, then you should not renew it, unless you are going to travel soon. If you are unsure, then only renew it, when you are about to book another trip for your family.

8. Get more quotes.

When it is the time of the year to renew your auto insurance, you should not hesitate in shopping around for the most affordable rates. A good way of doing this is to get free quotes from different insurance providers. Before you decide to switch to another insurer though, make sure to consider the coverage they can provide, to be on the safe side.

9. You can always say no.

If your kids are quite fond of telling you what they want at the grocery store or at the toy store, then you should practice saying no to them. Aside from that, you should also learn to say no to your friends, if they want you to out with them for drinks. Saying no would not just feel liberating, but it can also help you save some dough.

10. Keeping up with appearances.

If you have a tendency to buy something that you saw your friend or neighbor has recently bought, then you should cut that costly habit. This is because you may end up buying lots of things you don’t need. Aside from that, you don’t even know how your neighbor got it; and, they might even have used their credit cards for it. Coupons and Frugal Living and Saving Money with Frugal Living

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