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Kid’s Projects The Art of Upcycling

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Kid’s Projects

Any parent can tell you that items that kid’s often want or need can be expensive. The
addition expenses can sure add up quickly. By taking part in upcycling, the household
can save money. Those funds can be used for other needs. There are some great kid’s
projects too that you may wish to consider with your upcycling efforts.
Ruler and Clip Project

If you have several children that are in school, it can seem like there is so much to
keep track of for each of them. The refrigerator can become cluttered with papers.
There may not be enough space on the calendar to fit daily events for everyone. That
is where the rule and clip project is very useful. Glue a yardstick or two along an
area of the hallway where the kids frequent.

Then add different colored clips for each child. You can get colored plastic clips or
you can get clothespins and color them. Each child can use this area to attach notes
and other important items they need to share for school. Parents can also use the
clips to place permission slips, checks for school, and even notes about chores or
after school activities.

Toy Storage

Children seem to have lots of toys, and that can make you feel overwhelmed with
cleaning it up. Taking an old bookshelf and creating a toy storage area with it is a
great idea. You can create shelves for books in one part and some bins for toys to go
into at the bottom of it.

To keep it all looking lovely, take some old material or old curtains and make a front
cover for the toy storage area. It can easily be moved to the side when they want to
take something out.

Stuffed Animal Holders

Your children may love their stuffed animals, but where are you going to put them all?
Taking old lighting fixtures and some wire, you can solve the problem. You can use the
wire to go along the bottom of the lighting fixture so that you have a net like

Then you can hang it with a hook from the ceiling. It looks very nice and it is going
to be simple to toss the stuffed animals in there for them to be on display. Since
they hang from the ceiling, they aren’t taking up any space in the kid’s room either.


Kids love to go out and fly kites, and it can be a fun family activity. Instead of
purchasing them, make them. Older children can help with that process, and it will
only add to the excitement of taking the kite out to fly it.

Old shower curtains are perfect material for kites. They are durable enough that they
won’t be ruined in the wind. Yet they are light enough that they will fly well and
stay in the air. Old pieces of plastic such as those you use for protecting the floors
while painting also work well.

You will need some type of material that you can use at the body frame for the kite.
This can include sticks or pieces of wood. That is what the shower curtain materials
will be attached to.

You should have some ribbon and string in your supplies that you can use to complete
the kite. Kids can decorate them with various colors and paints to make them
personalized before taking them out to fly. They do need to make sure they don’t
decorate with objects that will make the kites too heavy though.

Tire Swing and Sandbox

While they idea isn’t new, we tend to see fewer and fewer tire swings out there. If
you have any old tires, it is a great choice for upcycling. Make sure the branch on
the tree is sturdy and so is the rope you use. Within a few minutes you have a happy
child on your hands, enjoying that new tire swing.

If you have some large tires, consider using them to make a sandbox. For example,
semi-truck or farm equipment tires. Both are considerably larger than a traditional
vehicle tire. It can offer the perimeter for a sandbox in the yard.

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