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How To Lay Ceramic Floor Tiles

Installing ceramic tile flooring can be a bit of a pain and can be time consuming. However it is a step by step process that, while time consuming and cumbersome, really is not that difficult. Professionals can do rooms in no time flat because they know the ins and outs and are experienced with handling it. However those who like to do it themselves can take it slow and easy to ensure they do a good job.

When asking yourself how to lay ceramic floor tiles you should first realize that it will not happen in the blink of an eye. For amateurs it can be a rather lengthy process so make sure you have enough time to dedicate yourself to putting in your flooring.

Before you go about laying down the ceramic tiles, it is important to know what kind of base you are dealing with. Ceramic tiles are quite versatile and can be used with a variety of bases. Old tile, vinyl, and concrete floors provide adequate bases for your ceramic tile.

If at all possible try to avoid wood as a base as it can shift and warp, which will crack and break your tiles. The best base you can use would be cement or concrete boards as they are resistant to water and are very durable.

Once you have that figured out, the next step in how to lay ceramic floor tiles is making sure you have all the tools required. The tools you need are the following:

1. 5 gallon plastic buckets
2. Ceramic tile nippers
3. Tile Saw
4. Hammer
5. Cutter board
6. Notched trowel
7. Margin trowel
8. Chalk
9. Tri Square
10. Spacers
11. Tape measuer
12. Leveling tools
13. Tile sponge

Once you have these tools you will want to lay out a floor plan so you have an idea of what you are going to do. Measure the room and start from the center, use chalk to mark lines and place tiles on the dry floor.

Placing the tiles without adhesive gives you the ability to see what the finished product will look like while allowing you to easily make any changes you see fit.

Once you have the lay out set it is time to get started with the real work. Take the thin set adhesive and gently spread a layer in the spots where the tiles will go. Leave your chalk lines uncovered so that when you place a tile it will line up correctly. Make sure not to put too much adhesive as it will ooze out and leave a mess.

As you go through make sure to measure every little bit to ensure you are staying level and everything is lined up properly. It will be a bit time consuming but eventually you’ll get there. Once you are done let the tiles sit for a day or two and let the adhesive harden.

Once the adhesive has hardened and the tiles are successfully stuck in place you can go through with grout. Apply the grout between the gaps of the tile. Make sure to keep the grout only in the gaps and clean up any that spills over onto the tiles.

Let the grout set for about a day and you are done, your ceramic tiles are now set and ready to go.

How To Lay Ceramic Floor Tiles and How to lay ceramic tile

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