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How to Get a Home School Diploma

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The receiving of a diploma marks a wonderful educational milestone for a student. For homeschooling families, the issuing of a home school diploma is a victory for the entire family and an encouragement for those with multiple children learning from home at lower grade levels.

Not every home school graduate has received a diploma, but they are becoming more popular, as homeschooling itself increases in popularity. Yet, many parents wonder about the necessity of a diploma for their home school graduate or how to obtain one when it is desired. Read on to learn just how necessary they really are and how you can get a diploma to honor your student’s success!

Home School Diplomas – a Definite “Do”

For years you’ve watched your child learn and grow. You’ve both had high points and low points in your educational journey, but you’ve finally made it to the end. You can acknowledge all of your hard work with a simple piece of paper that offers gratification when put into your graduate’s hand and opens up doors for them to continue their learning or seek employment.

Entrance to colleges and companies alike require proof of completion of a high school education, and a diploma is that proof. Whether or not you need an accredited diploma is a hot debate between homeschooling families. Due to the incline in home education, more colleges and employers are accepting home school diplomas that are not accredited but some are not as welcoming of them.

Accredited or not, a diploma should be considered; even if it will be created by you and given to your child as a gift at a private ceremony.

Getting a Home School Diploma for Your Graduate

You have a few options for getting a diploma for your graduate :

Purchasing a diploma – You can purchase blank diplomas online through various home school organizations (such as HSLDA). There are also companies that cater to home school graduates, selling diplomas, caps and gowns and honors cords and stoles.
Getting a Diploma through a correspondence school – Many parents choose to homeschool their higher level students through the use of an accredited correspondence school. These schools prepare transcripts and give students certified diplomas upon completion of their program.
Creating a Diploma – appearance is very important, so keep that in mind if you decide to create your own diploma. You can purchase software that allows you to create certificates and print it out on high quality paper. You may also purchase personalized diplomas created by other homeschooling families via websites like Ebay at a very low cost. Be sure the following are included on a created diploma: acknowledgement that it is a high school diploma, your child’s full name, a well worded paragraph stating that the required secondary education courses were completed, the signature of the individual(s) who over saw the student’s completion of work and the date of issuance.

You do not need to involve the government or meet the same graduating requirements as the public school students do to reward your homeschooler with a diploma. You know the knowledge they have acquired and a home school diploma will let everyone else know and allow that knowledge to take them wherever they choose to go.

Home School Diploma

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