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Gifts The Art of Upcycling

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There are so many reasons why you may be interested in offering a gift to someone.
They may have done something great for you that you want to show appreciation for.
Maybe it is their birthday or a milestone event in their life. With the art of
upcycling, you can create gifts that come from the heart.

You can create something that is very original too, and that is appealing. The
recipient will love that you took the time to make something that is so reflective of
their personality and their interests. At the same time, you can feel great saving
money and also reducing waste.

The options for upcycled gifts is endless, but here are some ideas to help you get

Graduation Quilt

Graduation is a huge milestone, both from high school and from college. A graduation
quilt is a lovely idea. You will need to gather items that are special to that person
that can help them to see the steps they took to get there. It can be a fun gift to
make, full of memories as you go.

Coffee Cups

For those that drink coffee on a regular basis, a personalized coffee cup is a
terrific gift. Take a reusable cup that is plain and decorate it. Use materials you
have around your home to make it something unique and appealing to that individual.
Not only will they love drinking their coffee out of it, they can also take it to work
with them. It isn’t going to easily get mixed up with anyone else’s coffee cup.


You can take old jewelry and create something new from it. For example, a broken
necklace chain can be transformed into a lovely bracelet. There are plenty of items
around your home you can use to create it. A combination of charms, beads, and other
materials can be perfect!


Using old material, you can make a delightful scarf for someone to wear. It can be the
kind that they will wear during the cold time of the year. It can also be a decorative
type of scarf that they can wear to add some definition and style to their outfit.

Create a Vase

There are many items around a home that can be used to create a lovely vase. This
includes various styles and sizes of bottles or jars. They can be painted, decorated
with material, and something new made from them. The vase can be a versatile piece
that they use for pens on their desk, to display flowers, or even for different
holiday or seasonal themes.

Photo Cube

Transform a cardboard box into a photo cube. This is a fun project, and you can make
it as large or small as you want. Cut and glue the cardboard so that it forms a cube.
Then you can glue photos on each side of the cube. To help ensure that the photos stay
looking nice, it is recommended to laminate them.
Market Tote

A wonderful gift idea for someone that tries to be eco-friendly is a market tote. They
can be made out of old material including clothing and towels. These totes can be
taken with them to the grocery store for them to take their purchases home in. This
reduces their use of paper or plastic bags from the stores. They can use the market
tote again and again.

You can even make them a batch of them if they shop often or buy plenty on each trip.
Decorate the totes with artwork, with photos, and anything else that you have around
the house that will make them attractive.

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