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Furniture The Art of Upcycling

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Trying to dispose of large items of furniture can be difficult. Yet they don’t have to be tossed out or taking up room in your garage. The art of upcycling furniture is easier than you may think. You can create new items to display in your home or your office. You can even create great items to decorate your landscaping with.

Create Planters

Old barrels, buckets, and even trash cans can be used to create outdoor planters. You can leave them their original colors or you can paint them. They can be place around your landscaping to offer some color and to really offer something original. Buying larger planters can be around $50 each so this is quite a savings.

Drill some holes in the bottom of the materials before you put soil into them. This will allow air to properly circulate and for excess water to drain. Add plenty of potting soil for what you plan to grow in there. It is important to think about the overall growth of what you plant for the size of the item you use at a planter.

You can also transport flowers and plants that are already growing from smaller pots in your home to these outdoors planters you have created. In just a few hours, you will have changed the way your landscaping looks!

Coat and Shoe Rack

A common problem in many homes is that shoes and coats can end up all over the place. Not only does it put the home in disarray, it also makes it harder to find things. Taking old posts from the yard or old furniture and using it to create a coat rack is simple. You can paint it any color to match the décor of your home. Attach the hooks and you are ready to go.

A shoe rack can easily be made from an old dresser or other item of furniture. You can use other pieces of wood to change large openings into those that are about the right size for a pair of shoes. You will love these additions as they keep your home orderly and no one is rushing around at the last minute looking for coats or shoes.


If you have replace your shutters or upgraded to windows without them, there are plenty of ways to use them. They can be used as a screen set up in a room for changing behind. If you have a young girl in the house, she will be thrilled to have this in her room for dressing up.
Shutters can also be painted and used to create a fun headboard for any size of bed. This is a universal type of design too so it can be used in the bedroom of a boy, girl, or even an adult couple. Alternating the color of each shutter slab helps to give them definition.

Children’s Furniture

Taking older adult furniture that you have no use for and creating something new for the kids is a great idea. They will love that you have done this for them! You can make a table with some small sized chairs. You can even take old furniture and use the wood to make them a toy box.

Paint the children’s furniture with bright colors or use decals of their favorite childhood characters to complete the look. You can even make a doll cradle for a little girl with some left over wood. This will be something she treasures because you made it for her!

Bench End Tables

One of the problems with most end tables is that they are large. If you need something by your bed or on the side of a couch, you may feel like you don’t have much choice. Take an old wood bench and sand it down. Paint it a color that will match the location where you plan to put them. Cut the bench in half and put that cut facing the wall.

The length of the bench can be shortened too if you don’t want it to stick out past a certain distances. This is a great look that you will get plenty of compliments from.

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