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Frugal Living Ideas

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Many people used to look at frugal living as a lifestyle for retirees or the “poor” working class.  However, nowadays society is looking at living a frugal lifestyle as a way of life in our economic circumstances and many are jumping on the frugal living bandwagon!  If you are deciding to transform your current lifestyle into a cheaper frugal living lifestyle then here are a few helpful ideas that you can use.

When you think about life in general, you need to first think about all of the things that you are paying for right now.  Make a list and find out what expenses can be alleviated and what is not labeled as a necessity of life.  Of course your necessities of life include your home expenses and utilities, those always have to be paid. However, there are many ways that you can save on your next utility bill which will save you money that you never thought imaginable.

Although there are many different ways that you can save money on your utilities, some of the most popular and most effective methods are changing out your current light bulbs to florescent light bulbs.  Although they might be a bit more pricy than your standard light bulb they will in the end save you money!  For one they last longer than your average bulb but they also reduce the amount of energy that they use, which is where your savings really come into play!

Frugal Living Ideas

Another idea that you can use to cut down on your utility expenses is to take showers rather than taking a bath.  Many people don’t realize how much water they are actually using by taking baths, if you don’t believe me; try your very own test to see for yourself.  Run a water filled tub and then run your shower for 15 minutes.  You will see exactly how much water is truly wasted by taking a bath.  Now think about how much you would save on your water bill if everyone in your household took showers instead of baths.  This will create a mega savings when your next water bill comes and a savings that you can truly see with your own eyes!

Another great idea for saving you money while transforming into your frugal lifestyle is making sure that all of the lights and appliances that are not being used are turned off.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of electricity that can be saved by doing this simple practice.  Although many people don’t realize it at the time, but there is a ton of money to be saved just by remembering to turn off a light or a simple appliance.

So if you’re thinking about transforming your lifestyle into a “frugal” way of life then using these helpful tips and suggestions will ensure that you are truly living the frugal lifestyle that your wallet will thank you for and savings that you never dreamed of!

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