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Floor Tiles Pattern

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What do you need to know on How to… Floor Tiles Pattern

Tile flooring is one of the most common types of flooring used in the common household. It is simple, it looks good, and it is cheap. One of the main benefits though is that it, along with hardwood, are fairly easy to put in yourself. Doing your floor tiles pattern yourself can save you all the money that would normally be spent on labor costs.

When you think about setting in your own tile flooring it can seem a bit overwhelming as there is a lot involved. However it is not actually that bad. Setting up your tile flooring is most just time consuming. If you follow instructions it is not that difficult. For step by step instructions on how to put in tile flooring keep reading.

Let me show you How to – Floor Tiles Pattern Step 1 to Step 8

1. Remove the old floor. This is an obvious first step and one that requires it’s own separate article for details. If you have not done this yet you might want to go read up on how to properly handle it.

2. Draw a layout. Once your floor is clear, use chalk to draw a layout on the base floor. This will give you an idea of just what your floor will look like and just how many tiles you will actually need.

3. Make sure the floor is flat. If your floor has a curve to it or is not the most rigid, it can lead to problems for your tile flooring down the road. Your tiles can crack and warp and it will just generally be a headache.

4. Make sure the floor is clean. Before thinking of the king of floor tiles pattern you will use, you must make sure the floor is clean. If there is dust, dirt, grease, or anything else mucking up the base floor then the adhesive of the tiles will not stick properly.

5. Start from the center. Work your way out from the middle of the room. This way any tiles that need to be cut will be on the edges of the room. It will also help you know just how many tiles you will need to have cut so you can take them into a professional.

6. Lay out the tiles. To figure out just what kind of floor tiles pattern you will have, place the tiles without any adhesive or grout. This will allow you to get an idea of what the finished product will look like and allow you to make any changes before everything is set in stone.

7. Grout. Once your tiles are in place and you are happy with everything it is time for the grout. The grout can make or break the tile pattern so before you go through and fill the gaps, practice on extra tiles until you know what you are doing.

8. Seal. When you have put the grout and everything is looking good and done, you have to seal it. This is a step many people forget to do, but it is extremely important. If you do not seal the grout it can absorb dirt and other grime and ruin the look of your floor.

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