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Fashion Clothing The Art of Upcycling

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Fashion Clothing

There are many reasons why people no longer wear certain items of clothing. Perhaps
they feel that they are no longer in style. Maybe they have lost weight or put on a
few pounds so the clothing no longer fits like it used to. Clothing items can get
stains on them or tears.

Instead of donating such items or throwing them away, they can be used to make new
items. There are so many terrific projects for upcycling with fashion and clothing.
This is because material is so versatile and it can be used in more ways than you may
have imagined.


One of the best projects you can do with old clothing is to use the good parts of them
to make a quilt. This can become a family heirloom that is passed from one generation
to the next. Quilts can be over various sizes and made from various types of

The quilt can be created with a theme or it can have a variety of types of colors for
it. There is really no right or wrong way to make it all come together. The person
that is making the quilt has all the freedom and flexibility that they want to make it
a unique item.


One way to change the appearance of any room in your house is with new curtains. It
doesn’t make sense to spend money on them though when you can use old clothing and old
materials to make them. Perhaps you have a lovely lace dress you haven’t worn in years
hanging in your closet. It can be put to good use as material for those curtains.


You can create delightful colored tablecloths for regular use or save them for special
occasions. Using materials such as old clothing to make them can help you to create
very original items that no one else has.

Hair Accessories

Girls love to wear hair accessories that match their outfits. Yet you can easily spend
$5 or more for each of them. Create your own with pieces of clothing material. You can
make headbands by wrapping materials around a flexible piece of plastic.

You can make hair designs such as flowers by twisting and wrapping pieces of material.
Have fun with creating colorful and one of a kind hair accessories. You are going to
get plenty of compliments on them People are going to be asking you where you got them
from. You can just smile and let them know you have made them.

Purses and Wallets

Women also love to have a variety of purses. Not only in terms of color but in regards
to size. You can use old material to create lovely purses. You can make them as large
or small as you want. You can also customize them with pockets from the pocks of old
shirts or jeans.

For men, it is possible to make wallets out of an old pair of boots. The bottom of the
boot is what will wear out, but the top is still very good in most instances. That is
the part that can be cut and the leather folded and used to create a wallet. There are
plenty of videos online that show how to make purses and wallets if you are


If you are looking for great accessories to complete your outfits, scarves never seem
to go out of style. You can use different colors and even different types of materials
to create them. A quality scarf can cost from $15 to $40 so it is going to be quite a
savings when you make your own.

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