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Do You Need a Small Hot Tub?

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Are you living in a small house with a small yard, but want to create a spa area outside? If you do, it sounds like to me that you need a small hot tub to fit into the area. Maybe instead, it is only the two of you and just going to use this tub for your private use, no parties. Then a small one would be just fine.

The small hot tub can be quite easy to afford. It is the lowest price of any of the hot tubs. A small one can be found in fiberglass, wood or even the inflatable models. Features can be found in one this size just like the larger models that can hold up to 8 people.

You can really dole out the cash for the larger models, $7,000 or more. The smaller ones can be as low as about $600 for the inflatable ones, and $3,000 to $4,000 for the fiberglass ones that is quite a savings over the bigger ones.

The inflatable versions are great for their portability. You inflate and use them and then if you need to take them with you, because you are moving or even going camping, you just deflate them and take them with you.

The small size of these tubs, make them perfect for romantic evenings. You and your significant other can cozy up easily, and let nature take over the evening if you so choose. This is great for couples needing some special bonding time.

The other nice thing about buying a small hot tub is the fact that it is so easy to hook up without needing a professional installer to do it. This is especially true when you buy the ones that just plug into your existing electrical socket.

Also your water bill will not be as much filling a small one compared to the larger ones. Some of the large ones hold 500 gallons or more of water. With the small ones they can hold 140 gallons or thereabouts that is a huge difference.

It takes electricity to heat the water unless you are using a solar heater. The more water you have the harder the heater has to work to heat the water. So you will spend more money heating a large tub compared to a small one.

The covers, which are usually extra for the hot tubs, will be a higher price on the large too. You have to think about all this before purchasing your hot tub. This way you know exactly how much your tub actually cost you.

Do you know whether you need a small hot tub now? Maybe after reading all this information it has helped you to figure out what size is right for you. Bigger is not always better if you do not need the extra space. Sometimes it is just more money with hot tubs. Remember, you can get just as many features with some of the small ones as the big ones.

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