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How to – Discount Floor Tiles

Installing your own tile flooring can be a great home improvement project. A lot of newbies get scared away from this because it seems like a lot of work, and it is. But it is not hard work, which makes all the difference. It is labor intensive and time consuming, but fairly simple. If you do it yourself you can get discount floor tiles from stores and not have to worry about paying labor costs, which can make it way cheaper than simply hiring somebody to do it all for you.

When it comes to installing tile flooring there are numerous tips you should follow to help make your life easier. But before any of that you need to make sure you remove the old flooring. For this you should check other sources of information as this article does not cover the removal process.

The tips that can help you are as follows:

1. Draw a layout. You should pick out the tiles you want before hand, if you have done that you can measure them and using those measurements draw a grid on the floor. This will tell you just how many tiles you need and how many will need to be cut to fit the room. Remember to buy extras as mistakes happen.

2. Flat floor. A sad reality of being a home owner is that our floors are not always as flat as they should be. This is not much of a problem with carpeted flooring but with hardwood and tile it can be a major problem as the curved base floor can warp and crack the tiles. If your floor is not flat, buying cement boards can help you compensate.

3. Clean the floor. The adhesive used to keep the tiles in place can be very fiesty and will not stick properly if the floor is dirty. Before you place the tiles make sure to go through and thoroughly clean the floor so that they will stick properly.

4. Start from the middle. To get the most out of discount floor tiles start from the middle so you do not find yourself wasting tiles. Starting from the middle makes it so that any tiles that need to be cut, will be on the edge of the room. You do not want cut tiles in the center.

5. Place dry tiles. Before you place the tiles with the adhesive on them, place them without the adhesive so you can see how it will all look. It is at this stage that you can make any corrections to make sure they all fit and look right.

6. Add grout. Adding grout to your discount floor tiles can make or break the entire thing. If you do not handle it properly it can ruin all your hard work. Use spare tiles to practice before finally taking it to the placed tiles.

7. Seal it all up. The very last step is to seal the grout so that it can not absorb dirt and grime, this will keep it looking pristine much longer and make maintaining your tile floor all that much easier.

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