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Difference between the western belt buckles

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A cowboy won’t be seen without his one of his western belt buckles, even today they are still worn. In fact they are probably more popular today than they were in the past. There are many different types of western belt buckles that you might be able to find, the rarest however are those that were won at a rodeo.

While the western belt buckles may be something you think about when you think of cowboys they don’t date back to the cowboys. It wasn’t until the 20th century that the belt buckle was even introduced, before that cowboys were suspenders to hold their pants up. The Hollywood cowboy is what really put belt buckles on the map, it was your every day cowboy and they’ve been around ever since. It is uncommon to see a cowboy today wear an outfit that doesn’t have a western belt buckle attached to it. Keep in mind that there are two different types of western belt buckles, one is the trophy belt buckle and one is the common cowboy belt buckle.

A few things you may not have known about the belt buckle is that they are normally bigger than the belt itself. Western belt buckles are normally 3” inches or bigger, however they had to make an exception for the female because she wanted to wear them as well, those are typically smaller than 3” inches.

Another type of western belt buckles would have to be the trophy buckles. These belt buckles have been around for as long as rodeos have and passed down from one generation to the next. These are good quality belt western belt buckles that are only given out to those that place in the rodeo, the buckle itself has the year and name of the event on the belt. This was something that one could be proud of because only those that won were the ones that got one, you can’t buy this in a store and a cowboy isn’t going to be offering it for sale. A trophy buckle is something to be worn with pride, whether you’ve won it or your great-grandfather did.

The most popular choice for western belt buckles are the American flag and the Bald Eagle. A favorite of mine has always been the cowboy riding a horse, to me that is what you always see a cowboy on one so it just fits. A few buckles you might enjoy or associate with being a cowboy are the horseshoe, a horse, a bronco, cowboy hat or of course the cowboy boot.

Now that you know the difference, get out there and get some western belt buckles, you can find them in many different western department stores. There are a ton to look through, so it’ll be easy to find one that you like. If it is a trophy one you are after, sign yourself up for some rodeo competitions and good luck.

Difference between the western belt buckles

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Western belt buckles, Starr Western Wear—ElPasoCVB (

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