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Deuter Junior Kids Pack

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Deuter Junior Kids Pack

When disaster strikes, it’s important that not only the adults are prepared and the Deuter Junior Kids Pack can help you get the younger family members ready. During an evacuation, it would be nice if you could carry your belongings as well as your children’s, but the reality is you can only carry so much.

The good news is that children are already used to carrying backpacks when it comes to attending school. And a backpack can help even small children carry their own items leaving you free to take care of other things.

This backpack is just the right size for a preschool or young elementary school child. It is very lightweight, only weighing about a pound. It’s made of high quality materials that can handle the wear and tear that kids place on items.

It comes in three colors – red, blue, or moss – so you can choose your child’s favorite of those three and make it really special for him or her. It also has soft padding on the back so that the bag stays comfortable while they carry it.

The Deuter Junior Kids Pack also comes with padded shoulder straps to protect young bodies from too much pressure. In the front, there is a clip that holds the shoulder straps together. This will keep you from having to worry that the pack will slip off of your child.

The main compartment is large enough to carry a few changes of clothes and personal items. It also has several smaller outer pockets for special items. In addition, there is a reflective safety loop that will help you to see your child in low light – a common situation in a disaster.

When you’re faced with having to make a quick getaway, having a bag prepacked for your child that he or she can grab and go will make a huge difference in the success of your experience. Instead of having to gather things up at the last minute, you’ll be prepared with all you need.

And rather than have to keep up with your belongings plus those of your child, this pack makes it easy for your children to take their own things without putting too much strain on their smaller frames.

This backpack is just the right size for small children and won’t be difficult for them to carry if they’re not weighed down too much by heavy items. After packing the Deuter Junior Kids Pack, have your child practice wearing it and evaluate if you’ve packed it properly before an actual disaster takes place.


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