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Decorations The Art of Upcycling

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Decorations for any event can add up quickly. When you are on a budget for a birthday
party, retirement event, or a wedding, you may be stressed about it. A delightful way
to decorate that is fun and unique is to make the decorations through the art of

Mason Jar Lanterns

With the use of mason jars, you can create lanterns that give soft lighting and
illuminate any event you wish to decorate for. Just place some decorative rocks or
gems at the bottom of each mason jar and then add a tea light candle. You can hang the
jars up or you can display them on the tables.

Vintage Vases

Old bottles can be turned into vintage vases for decorations. They can hold real or
fake flowers. They can hold sand and small seashells for a wonderful beach theme
event. These bottles may be clear or they may be made out of colored glass. Don’t
worry if they don’t all match in terms of shape, size, or color. It will all blench in
well due to the way that they are used for your decorating.

Serving of Snacks

If you would like to offer some snacks at your party event, you don’t have to put them
all up there in a boring set up. You can take small bowls, jars, and even cups and
decorate them to match the colors and theme of the event. You can put a variety of
items into these vices and display them on tables for guests.

Some of the items you can put into them include:

Dried fruit
Trail Mix

Candle Stands

If you have old candle stands, they can be used for various things at any type of
gathering. They can be used to display cards from guests if you would like. They can
also be used to display dessert items such as cupcakes. This is a simple way to add
some elegance to the display of those items.

Spiral Swirls

If you have some old pieces of metal around, you can use them to make some colorful
spirals and swirls for any event. They work best for outdoor events as you can use
some wire to hang them. Cut the metal carefully into long strips. Use some snipping
tools to bend it into spirals.

Paint them different colors to match your theme. Display them with the colors
alternating as you hang them. When the wind blows slightly, it will swirl those
spirals and that will add even more to their ability to wow your guests.

They can be used indoors too but you need to make sure that you have a way to securely
hang them from the ceiling. You also need to make sure they won’t hang down too low.

Orange Peel Candles

A summer time BBQ can be fun, but it can also be a time when there are mosquitoes out.
Avoid the harsh bug spray and go with orange peel candles. The smell of them will
naturally keep the bugs away. You can use the oranges to create a fruit salad or other
items for the guests to enjoy.

Cut the oranges in half, and remove the insides so that you can have two candles from
each whole orange. Place a tea light candle in the center and put them outside on
display. They will give off a very nice fragrance as you enjoy your gathering.

Bike Wheel Photo Display

If you are hosting a birthday, anniversary, or retirement party, photos of the people
involved are always a nice touch. If you have some old bike wheels, you may be unsure
what you will ever do with them. Here is a great idea that is going to be a huge hit!

Take the tire off so that you are only working with the rim. Repair any broken spokes
as well as those that may be missing. You may have to borrow parts from one bike wheel
to create the designs for the others to be complete.

Next, you can take small clips and attach photos to the spokes You can do a
progression from one point in time to the next with such a display. This is definitely
an idea that is going to get plenty of attention from those that attend your event.

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