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Cat Illnesses That You Need To Know About

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Cat illnesses can range from very mild to extremely severe, and you will need to understand a vast majority of them. You may feel that learning about every disease and illness your cat may contract is too much. However, this knowledge could save your cats life when they need you the most, and enable you to take the right action. Learning the common symptoms, and understand your cat is very important. You will be the first to notice when your cat is under the weather, and not behaving as they would normally.

As you begin to bond with your cat you will learn about their mannerisms, and the habits they will have. Although the cat illnesses may vary, the symptoms are often the same no matter type or breed of cat you own. Loss of appetite is one of the most common symptoms you will notice your cat displaying. If you know your cat well you will be able to tell when they are not interested in eating, or struggling to eat. Cats love food, and even if they do not eat a great deal they will do so at a regular time.

A one-off occurrence of not eating may be due to them having caught prey outside. However, if they continue to refuse food, you should be concerned. Stress will often cause cats to refuse food, and you have to consider this option before taking them to the vets. Tempting your cat with some type of food that is fantastic will determine if they are stressed, or ill. All cats cannot refuse some type of delicacy when it is offered to them unless they are very ill.

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Being bad tempered, and anti social is another sign that they may be ill, especially if your cat is usually very sociable. Cats will retreat to a hiding place that they feel is safe, warm, and quiet when they are suffering from illness. You should be concerned if you have not seen your cat for a few days, or they are hiding away from everyone. All cats love to groom themselves, and you can often tell how healthy a cat is by the condition of their coats. If you cat has a dull, lifeless coat, and looks uncared for they may be ill.

Cat illnesses, Three-legged Friend

Cat illnesses, Three-legged Friend—alexbrn (

Although all cats are different and some may display all of the most common symptoms, and others will display none. You will need to be aware of what they are, and the most common illnesses so that you can easily identify problems. Cats can suffer from upset stomachs, vomiting, and colds just like humans can. Most cat illnesses can be cured with rest and fluids; however, some will need treatment from your vet.

Many of the common problems can be solved with antibiotics, and creams, which you can get from the vet. Ear infections, skin problems, fur balls and urinary infections are the most common illnesses and problems a cat will contract. However, there are some very serious illnesses such as cat AIDS and Leukemia that you should be aware of. Taking your cat for regular checkups at the vets is therefore very important.

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