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Bathroom floor tiles ideas

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How to – Bath Floor Tiles

Home improvement projects are often times something that you can do yourself. Doing it yourself is more labor intensive but it is significantly cheaper. Why pay for something you can get for free, right? But even with that, when it comes to some of the larger projects such as putting in new bath floor tiles or something, it can seem a little intimidating.

Instead of letting yourself get psyched out and end up paying for something you could have done yourself, take a moment to educate yourself. Read up on everything involved with re-doing your floors and realize that, while time consuming and hard work, the process is actually fairly simple.

The very first thing you should do is to obviously remove the old flooring in your bathroom. For that you should look elsewhere as this article focuses on putting new floor in, not taking old flooring out. For installing your new floors, there are tips you should follow that will make your life easier.

1. Draw a layout. The bathroom is a fairly small area but it also has a lot of intricate appliances such as the toilet, that you will have to work around. You should have already picked out the kind of tile you want, so using the measurements of that tile, draw out a grid in your bathroom. This will tell you how many tiles you will need and how many cut tiles you will need.

2. Make sure your base is flat. Bath floor tiles require a flat surface otherwise they will warp and crack. If the base floor of your bathroom is not entirely flat, you should utilize concrete boards to level it out so that your tiles are not damaged once put in place.

3. Clean the floor. The bathroom sees a lot of wear and tear, from water to simple grime build up. The base floor likely suffers from this as well. You will have to thoroughly clean it before you can place the tiles, otherwise the adhesive will not stick properly.

4. Center. Even though the bathroom is small, you should still start from the middle of it. This way any tiles that will need to be cut will be along the edges of the room.

5. Lay the tiles dry. Before you place adhesive on them and put them down for good, place them and make sure everything fits properly and that it all looks right. It is during this stage that you are able to make any adjustments or fixes that may be required.

6. Grout. Once everything is in order you should place the tiles with the adhesive on them. Once the bath floor tiles are in place you should go through and apply the grout to all the gaps. This can break your entire flooring project if done incorrectly, so practice on left over tiles before applying it to the tiles on the floor.

7. Seal it. This is important no matter what, but in the bathroom it is even more important. Sealing the tiles and grout will prevent them from absorbing water and grime, which will keep them pristine longer.

Bath Floor Tiles and Bathroom floor tiles ideas


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