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Artwork The Art of Upcycling

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The love of artwork is universal, and it is really one of the best ways to express yourself. The use of items to create new artwork began to be noticed in the 20th Century, and it was referred to as folk art. The Amish often create their lovely quilts out of pieces of fabric they have salvaged from various pieces of older clothing.


A collage is a great idea for artwork, and it never goes out of style. Every time you look at it, you will see something new in it! This involves taking various types of images, paints, and objects. They are then used to create a new piece of art. Sometimes, the art is used for a political statement but it is usually used for a focal point in a room.

Different types of materials you normally would throw out can be used to make frames from. This is a wonderful part of upcycling that can change the look of a picture you already have. It can also enable you to put the finishing touches on a piece of artwork you have created.

Pop Tabs

The tabs that you open up when you drink a soda can be used to make some fun and creative art projects. You can put jars around in the office to get people to donate them so that you can accumulate all you need. You can make a purse, create a design to decorate a table with, or even put them into a frame once you have arranged them the way you want them.

Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Rolls

Making lovely artwork from toilet paper and paper towel rolls is very simple. Yet can result in some of the most creative things you will make! You will need some additional supplies including spray paint and scissors. Bobby pins can be a great way to hold items together as you glue them so that you can allow the glue to dry without having to hold each piece in place.

One of the simple projects is to cut the rolls into strips. Then They can be pinned and glued to create various designs. The pieces can be painted before or after you put them together. You can even take a picture or a mirror and put the designs you make from the rolls around them to give it a very elegant touch.

Create Art Backgrounds

There may be plenty of items in your home that you can convert into a background piece for art to be completed upon. For example, old cutting boards from the kitchen. You may be inclined to toss them out but you don’t need to. You can use them as a surface to create your artwork on.

Create Wreaths

We all tend to enjoy the inviting look of a wreath on the door for the holiday season. However, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy such an appearance all year long. Take some time to come up with ideas for the different holidays and seasons. You can create wreaths that will be on display for a few weeks or a few months.

You can even make special occasion ones for your family such as a wreath that says Happy Birthday! It will put a smile on the face of the person that lives there that has a birthday that day. You can also create special wreaths to celebrate particular events in your life throughout the year.

Keep them all in a storage container so you can easily rotate them as you are ready to do so. As you come up with new ideas, you can add more wreaths to your pile. It will keep your home looking inviting and the change will prevent it from becoming ignored too.

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