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72 Hour Emergency Kit Checklist

* Backpack for items
* Portable, hand crank radio
* Hand-crank flashlight
* Batteries
* Glow sticks
* Waterproof matches
* Three gallons of water per person
* Manual can opener
* Mess kit or disposable cups, utensils, and plates
* Aluminum foil, plastic wrap, resealable bags
* Small container of plain bleach (no scent or additives)
* Toilet paper
* Soap
* Shampoo
* Hand sanitizer
* Small detergent
* Feminine hygiene items
* Toothpaste/toothbrush
* Lip balm
* Deodorant
* Sunscreen
* Baby wipes
* 10 gallon bucket
* Large, thick trash bags
* Sleeping bag
* Complete change of clothes
o Sturdy boots
o Socks
o Rain gear – coat or poncho
o Hat and gloves
o Thermal underwear (cold climates)
o Sunglasses
o Dust and disease prevention masks
o Extra layers for adjusting to temperature
* Small tent
* Small shovel
* Compass
* Duct tape
* Scissors
* Small sewing kit
* Plastic sheeting to seal off windows and doors in a room of your home
* Prescription medications
* Over the counter medications
* Whistle
* Emergency poncho
* Emergency blanket
* Extra keys for home and vehicles
* Baby items (diapers, formula, food, bottles, wipes)
* Items for seniors or those with disabilities
* 3 day supply of food (choose based on your preference)
* Gel fuel for heating food (if needed)
* Comfort items – coloring books, crayons, playing cards, travel games, paper and pen
* First Aid Kit
o Alcohol swabs
o Safety pins
o Adhesive bandages
o Elastic bandage
o Antibiotic ointment
o Hydrocortisone ointment
o Instant hot and cold pakcs
o Medical tape
o Water purification tablets
o Petroleum jelly
o Triangle bandages
o Scissors
o Tweezers
o Nail clippers
o Cotton balls
o Children’s medications (if applicable)
o Medical history
o Disposable gloves
o First aid instruction book
* Pet supplies
o Food and water
o Bowls
o Leash/harness
o Kennel or carrier
o Bedding
o Litter box and litter (cats only)
o Pet medications
o Coats for cold and wet weather
o Comfort items – catnip, toys, etc.
* Important documents (copies in a water tight container)
o Inventory of home
o Copies of insurance policies
o Copy of will
o Property deeds
o Tax returns
o Vehicle titles/registrations
o Investments
o Credit card and bank account numbers
o Driver’s license
o Social security card
o Birth and marriage certificates
o Passport
o Business documents on portable drive
* Cash
* Items for bartering
o Tobacco/cigarettes
o Coffee
o Chocolate
o Gold and silver
o Ammunition/medical supplies
* Photos of family members/pets for identification

* Completed Family Emergency Plan Family Emergency Plan

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