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What is Upcycling?

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The process known as upcycling isn’t new, but the term has only been in use since 1994. This is the process of taking materials that are no longer in use to create something better out of them. There has to be environmental value here too. Items that would otherwise be discarded can be turned into materials for projects.


If you take a look back at the decade of the 1930s to the 1940s, there was plenty of upcycling taking place. In fact, it is likely something that your parents and grandparents know something about! In this particular decade, most middle class families had very little in terms of material resources.

As a result, they were thrifty and re-used many items. They may have taken old feed sacks to make clothing from. They may have taken the old wood from the barn and created a dining room table with it.

There are quite a few countries out there that aren’t as developed as we might think. They are very limited in terms of the access to raw materials that they have. Those raw materials that are around may be very expensive. Therefore, they use the items they already have to make basic items they need for their day to day living.

In addition to making bowls and baskets, they may make jewelry and even some nice items for them or their family. Native Americans have always lived by the concept of only using from the land what you need to. Any items that could be used again they would in order to make items they needed for their own survival.

If you are new to the concept, it may seem like an emerging trend. The ability to be creative, to reduce the contribution of waste, and even to save money is always there with upcycling. Being able to create unique items that no one else has is also part of what draws people into it.

Many people promote the process of upcycling so that they can do their part to be more eco-friendly. They know that the dumps are full of items that could be used to make something else.

Have Fun with it

The fun that a person can have through upcycling is endless! There are so many great options. The only thing that may hold you back is not enough time to do everything as quickly as you would like to.

However, when you are passionate about a project you are working on, you will find that you are able to carve out the time you need to finish it. Don’t forget to take pictures as you go so that you can show your progress from start to finish with any given upcycling project.

What is Upcycling?

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