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Samsung WB2100 Super Telephoto Camera

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Product ReviewSamsung WB2100 Super Telephoto Camera

The Samsung WB2100 is the latest high end camera of the WB series that can take extra long distance shoots comparable to a Super Telephoto Camera. It is equipped with a 16.3 mega pixel BSI CMOS image sensor and ultra 35x optical zoom with a high quality 25mm lens, to shoot like a professional photographer. Its powerful hardware ensures clarity of shot from any angle and distance.

The super camera offers some of the highest resolution video recording at full HD 1080p and an exceptional interlaced frame rate of 60i unlike traditional cameras that allow only 30p. The WB2100 super camera’s massive 35x zoom works the same way during video recording as used in image mode without any effect on video output and the CMOS sensor automatically adjusts your camera setting to the best of surroundings.

The WB2100 comes with 3.0-inch tilt screen to clearly adjust the camera for high or low angle shots and optical image stabilizers remove all worries of blur images. It’s a perfect camera for panoramic shots and users can preview the whole image before the shoot through easy button navigation.

It also includes some high end functions such as dual capture, high speed recording, smart filter, smart auto, light sensor and supports a maximum of 64GB of SDXC memory card. The WB2100 super camera comes with a digital interface of HDMI input for high-speed transfers.

How Much?

The average price of the Samsung WB2100 has not yet been announced, however we will let you know as the price is updated.

Who Would Buy This Samsung WB2100 Super Telephoto Camera?

The Samsung WB2100 is the ideal choice for professional photographers that like to shoot ultra high quality photos and videos. It works fine for detailed studio tasks and its soft handgrip makes sure every photo is shot in a professional way with a number of additional advanced features.

Things we like about the Samsung WB2100 Super Telephoto Camera

The Samsung WB2100 includes all essential features for professional photography with a 16 mega pixel effective CMOS sensor, a wide angle lens and 35x ultra range optical zoom. It features a variety of shooting modes, auto sensors and an extended memory range up to 64GB. It can record HD video in multiple formats and the latest version of HDMI port.

Things we did not like about the Samsung WB2100 Super Telephoto Camera

The Samsung WB2100 super camera offers all important features except for the fact that it lacks Wi-Fi connectivity to upload photos on social sites to share with friends.


The Samsung WB2100 is not released yet, however it will likely come with a standard 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Is The Samsung WB2100 Super Telephoto Camera Worth The Money?

The WB2100 super camera includes the latest hardware with some of the most high-end features on the market, making it easily worth the money.

Where Can I Buy The Samsung WB2100 Super Telephoto Camera?

The Samsung WB2100 will be readily available soon after its launch at major electronics stores and worldwide online retailers.

More Customer Reviews For The Samsung WB2100 Super Telephoto Camera

From its exhibition at CES 2013, the Samsung WB2100 super camera has received great feedback from public and professional photographers alike.


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