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Frugal Living Recipes

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Living frugally means changing every aspect of your life to a cheaper and more affordable way of life.  This means with food items also.  The best way to eat frugally is to make your meals span out within a 2-3 day period.  Here are some of the most delicious recipes that will have you spanning your meals out creating you not only savings but more time on your hands also.

Roasts are always big time money savers because you can create so many different meals with them. Try cooking a roast and serving vegetables with it one night.  Then take the leftover roast and cut it into small pieces and add a can of cream of mushroom, sour cream, and some wide egg noodles and you have easily made a delicious home-style beef stroganoff that is both simple and easy to make and the entire family will love it.

Another night you could take your leftover roast and cut it into small pieces and make some instant rice of your liking.  Then add soy sauce, a little garlic, and 2-3 eggs scrambled, and you’ve got yourself a night of Chinese style beef fried rice! You can also take leftover portions of your roast beef and strip it and then add barbeque sauce and you now have pulled pork sandwiches that the entire family will love!

Frugal Living Recipes

Hamburger is another great meat that you can use to span out some meals and is one of the cheapest meats you can purchase at your local grocery store.  You can also buy it in mass quantities for mega savings.  Divide the hamburger up into pounds and then freeze the pounds that you will not be using for that week.  You can literally create a meal each night with 1 pound of hamburger meat and in a way that your family won’t get tired of it.

One night you could make some mouthwatering hamburgers.  Another night you could make wholesome Italian spaghetti, which can also last you 1-2 days with leftovers, if you make a big enough portion for the whole family.  Another night you could use your pound of hamburger meat to create a Mexican taco night.  You could also make chili one night that can also last for 1-2 days depending on how much you make the initial night.  And of course you have your old fashioned hamburger helper that you can purchase for under $1.50 and can even be found in delicious generic brands.

These are very simple and easy ways for you to span out your meals during the week and will show you the savings instantly.  You will find that you are spending less on food and of course more money in your pocket!  So make sure the next time you your next grocery tip that you carefully an out your meal plans for that week and buy your food accordingly.  Learning to span out your meals will save you a great deal of money and still create delicious dishes that you can be sure that the entire family will still love!

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