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Tips On Dog Training In Brisbane

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Dogs are believed as man’s best friend. One distinct characteristic of this animal is that, he is very loyal to his owner no matter what happened. Some need dogs also for their protection to their homes that is why they are considered as an asset in the family. However, dog training in Brisbane is not an easy task. It requires a great amount of patience and a lot more time because you will not see the results and improvements overnight.

First thing to remember when training a dog is that not all dogs are the same; others are born to lead and others are born to follow. Same goes with training dogs; others can follow their tasks immediately and there are others that will really test your patience. But wherever category they may be, we still love them and we want the best for them that is why we want to train them because we do not want them to be considered just a pet but also a wise, trained pet of ours.

Here are some important dog training tricks:

  • Stand your ground.

–          Always try to show to your training dog that you are a pack leader and you do the command for them to follow. They need you to be there for guidance. You must show them that you are their leader in order for them to follow you or else they will rule over you which will give you difficulty in training them. 

  • Offer rewards and prizes.

–          Dogs love to respond to positive reinforcement. Just like children, dogs also want to receive rewards and prizes after they have accomplished a task like praises and treats. So as a result, they will tend to perform good every time in order for them to receive such perks from their master. 

  • Expecting too much is no good.

–          One important thing you must consider in training your dogs is that you must set realistic goals. Don’t expect that if you train your dog now, he will master it tomorrow. That is not even possible. You must always consider their learning process. 

  • Learn to say “NO”

–          Whenever you see your dog that is doing no good, immediately say a firm “NO” in order for him to stop and he would know that what he did is bad. So that, he will not be able to do it again the next time. 

  • Be consistent and patient.

–          In giving commands, use the same words and hand gestures. Consistency and patience are very important in training them.

Dog training in Cairns, Brisbane or anywhere in the world is just the same. Dogs are dogs and they just return to us what we gave them. When we gave them love and affection, they return it to us a hundred folds. That is why we should also treat them as one of our family members because for them, we are their only family. 

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