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Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier

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Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier

The Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier is a great addition to any family with young children. Even once children begin to walk, their legs can tire easily. If you need to go somewhere quickly, it helps to have a child carrier that’s sturdy and comfortable for both you and your child.

When it comes to being prepared in a disaster, it’s important to think about all the angles. Many people neglect to think about transporting small children. You may be accustomed to using a stroller or car seat, but those aren’t practical items if you have to leave an area on foot.

Carrying your child in your arms is a possibility, but not one’s that very practical for a long period of time. Instead, make sure you have a high quality carrier that will make moving with your child in tow much easier.

The Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier has a metal frame that helps to distribute the weight of your child evenly. It can carry a child weighing as much as forty eight pounds. The aluminum frame is sturdy, but lightweight.


In addition to a comfortable seating area for your child, this carrier has a large zipper pocket that you can use to transport items. This could be items specifically for your child or general items that help during an emergency such as a first aid kit and protein bars.

It also has another pocket that’s in a great place to store valuables where they won’t be easily accessed by someone else. There are two mesh pockets on the sides that can be used to hold a water bottle or another item you might need quickly.

The carrier is compatible with a hydration system and can store a bladder so that you can always have water with you. This makes it perfect for times when you might need to walk for long periods of time without being able to stop to take a water break.

You can add the optional Sun and Rain Cover to this pack so that your child will be protected from the elements. Especially during a natural disaster this can be an important asset. You’ll have to order it separately, but people who have it swear that it’s a must.

No one wants to think about having to evacuate their home in an emergency, but the fact is it can happen to anyone. If you’re prepared, everyone in your family will have a better chance of getting out of the situation healthy and whole.

With the Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier you’ll be able to carry your baby or toddler with ease while your hands remain free.


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